As a homeowner, you know how critical it is to own a reliable HVAC system so you don’t have to worry about your family members keeling over from heat stroke. However, it can be challenging to prioritize something as minute as replacing an air filter after you spent your weekend mowing the lawn and scrubbing your shower grout. Fortunately, by implementing a regular filter maintenance routine, you can increase the comfort of your home, lower your energy costs (cha-ching), and avoid inconvenient repairs.

  • Reduce Your Energy Usage

Maintaining a clean filter in your commercial VAC system is essential to keep your energy costs under control, especially if you live in a larger or older home. The VAC system relies on airflow to function properly, and an unclean filter hinders that process by making the system work harder to pull air through it. This extra strain on the VAC system leads to higher energy consumption.
Not only are the contaminants in a dirty HVAC filter enough to induce your gag reflex, but the high cost of your energy bill will also make you nauseous. However, with a new filter installed every two to three months, it’ll save hundreds of dollars throughout the warmer months and allow you to make less of an impact on Mother Earth.

  • Avoid Costly HVAC Repairs

When you underestimate the power of your HVAC filter and forget to replace it, it causes your HVAC system to work harder than necessary to operate. The strain this places on the parts and components quickly leads to repairs that are needed and also reduces the lifespan of the unit. Considering the high cost of HVAC units ($4,850 to $9,400) you likely want that baby to last as long as possible, so you don’t have to cancel your trip to Aruba this year.

Failing to have an HVAC filter maintenance schedule can also cause dirt to get into the conduits or other parts, which can clog up small openings and prevent proper airflow. This can lead to overheating and malfunctioning components, increasing the risk of costly HVAC repairs.

  • Take a Deep Breath (of Clean Air)

Leaving a dirty air filter in your HVAC unit for longer than 90 days is a habit that can affect your health. Once the air filter becomes clogged, dust, hair, animal, fur, and even harmful bacteria start to circulate. Your children and pets will start to breathe in everything from metal particles to mold spores, increasing the risk of asthma attacks and respiratory issues.
Not only will clean air protect your health, but it can also reduce the risk of contracting COVID. Since most of us spend an average of 90% of our life indoors, this makes it worthy of the (small) investment.

  • Let Your HVAC Technician Set the Schedule

Residential HVAC filters are manufactured to last an average of three months. However, your HVAC technician may recommend a more frequent schedule depending on the size of your home or how often the HVAC system is in use.
Your technician will manage the maintenance schedule and remind you when it’s time for your next appointment. This takes one more task off your busy schedule (because who needs one more gray hair from household chores?). You can have an automated and efficient system in place where your technician arrives at your door, handles all of the work, and leaves your home in better shape than when they arrived.

To protect your HVAC unit from unnecessary wear and tear, and to protect your budget from avoidable repair expenses, create a filter maintenance schedule while working with a certified technician. Your family members, as well as your wallet, will thank you as you improve the level of care of your appliance and also create a more comfortable internal climate in your home.

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