Have you been searching the internet and Googling, “How often should you clean your air ducts?” or “How do they clean air ducts?” Are you unhappy with the air quality in your home? Are you ready to learn about the benefits having clean air ducts can provide you and your loved ones?

If you answered “Yes,” then you’re in the right place.

While your air handler, filters, and thermostat probably receive most of your attention, your air ducts are the unsung heroes of your HVAC system. Without them, your system couldn’t pump cool air into your home during the summer or keep you nice and cozy when temperatures plummet, and Jack Frost is knocking on your front door.

You can keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape by taking care of your air ducts, so they can continue to take care of you. Here are half a dozen excellent reasons to hire an HVAC pro to handle this simple maintenance task.


1. Improve Indoor Air Quality
According to the EPA, approximately 67 million tons of pollutants were emitted in 2021 alone. Unfortunately, some of these pollutants will eventually make their way into your home via your air ducts (which is cringeworthy, even if you’re not a germaphobe). And no, spraying Lysol everywhere won’t eradicate the unwelcome intruders.

Industrial pollutants aren’t the only thing you have to be concerned about. You must also be mindful of natural contaminants, such as pollen, dust, and bacteria.

Cumulatively, these contaminants can irritate conditions like asthma. If you or a loved one in your home is one of the more than 24 million Americans that suffer from asthma, you know just how frustrating unexpected bouts of irritation can be.


2. Increase the Operating Efficiency of Your HVAC System
The more efficiently your HVAC system operates, the less energy it consumes. An HVAC system operating at peak efficiency will do a better job of maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, and scheduling routine air duct cleaning will help your system run more efficiently.

As a rule, you should schedule an air duct cleaning every two or three years. Waiting longer than that will allow dust to accumulate and impact your system’s efficiency.


3. Reduce Energy Costs
Your heating and air system plays a critical role in keeping your home habitable and comfortable. However, it also consumes more electricity than any other home appliance. Increasing the operating efficiency of your HVAC system can help you reduce energy consumption and decrease your chances of getting a jaw-dropping utility bill that makes you want to live off-grid like a nomad.

Although there are many different ways to accomplish this, scheduling regular air duct cleaning is a great place to start. During your duct cleaning, your HVAC professional will remove any obstructions that might impede airflow.


4. Eliminate Odors
The same pollutants that can compromise your health can also cause horrendous odors (this time, it wasn’t the family dog passing gas). When professionals clean air conditioning ducts, they can eliminate many of these unpleasant smells at their source.

To improve the freshness of your home even more, consider investing in a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Doing so can keep your ducts cleaner longer and help you breathe easier all year round.


5. Extend the Life of Your Equipment
HVAC systems are high-ticket items, which is why you should do everything possible to keep yours in good shape. As mentioned, you should schedule regular maintenance two to three times per year. But you also need to have your air ducts cleaned every couple of years.
Following these simple steps will extend your equipment’s lifespan and potentially save you thousands in repairs.


6. Protect Your Home
If you’ve ever pulled an entire quilt’s worth of lint out of your dryer vent, you know how quickly debris and dirt can accumulate in hard-to-reach places.
If an appliance can acquire that much dust, imagine how much may be hiding in your air ducts. Allowing dust to build up in your ducts isn’t just gross — it can also be a fire hazard.

If you were on the fence about scheduling duct cleaning, you now know that it can be a wise investment that promises to improve your health, save money, and help prevent house fires. Your inner germaphobe will also thank you.

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