Propane appliances are common fixtures and can enhance the comfort and functionality of your home. For example, a warm fireplace insert can be just what the doctor ordered on a chilly winter day. A propane dryer can keep your clothes fresh and fuzzy instead of hanging them on a line outdoors for the whole neighborhood to see. A propane-powered stovetop can supply a household with endless edibles cooked to perfection. And, of course, in most cases, using propane is cheaper than an electric alternative.

If you understand the various benefits of switching to propane, that doesn’t mean it’s a DIY conversion. In fact, there are several reasons to think twice before trying to tackle a propane appliance installation on your own.


1. Professionals are Knowledgeable, Trained, and Certified
It’s tempting to hop online and look up your favorite home improvement blog for propane appliance recommendations. And that can be a great way to start figuring out the best options available. However, if you want to purchase the right unit for your home, you want to lean on professional advice.

In most cases, a propane service technician should come with special training. For instance, in New York State, certified propane technicians can train through the Certified Employee Training Program (CETP), developed by the Propane Education & Research Council.

When you work with a propane expert, they can assess your unique situation and make proper recommendations for your home. This helps you find the best unit for your needs and price range and can even streamline the installation process by avoiding the need to exchange units later on or unnecessarily adjust things during setup.


2. Professional Installation Is Safer
If you’re installing a new Pergo floor or fixing a fence outside, there isn’t much danger in doing the job yourself. You can even install a light fixture or basic plumbing without creating a potentially hazardous situation.

When it comes to propane appliance installation, the consequences aren’t worth the risk. While propane is generally safe to use around your home, it’s still fuel. It’s combustible and can be dangerous if not installed correctly.

If your propane appliances are installed professionally, you can rest because your contractors will follow the strict codes and standards in place to keep you safe. This minimizes the risks that can come from a botched installation.


3. Professionals Carry the Responsibility
We’ve already discussed how hiring a professional can help you find the best appliances and install them safely. But another easy-to-overlook factor comes after your installation is complete — liability.

If you hook up a dryer or install your propane kitchen appliances on your own, the buck stops with you. Bringing a certified and licensed contractor into the mix doesn’t just ensure that the installation is clean, fast, and safe. Many companies will come with a service guarantee on their products and services, giving you added peace of mind even after the job is complete.

Professional installers should come with their own insurance. (If a contractor doesn’t have insurance, that should be a major red flag.) If anything goes wrong during the installation or shortly afterward, it’s up to your installer to figure out the problem and get your propane appliances safely up and running again.

So, the next time you have a propane appliance to install, channel that DIY urge into another home improvement project with lower risks and greater rewards. Call a reputable propane provider like Paraco Gas, and have them do the installation for you.


Installing Propane Appliances Properly
When installing propane appliances, there’s only one right way to go about your business. Hiring a professional keeps the process safe and accurate. You avoid potential issues and maintain the peace of mind that comes with a properly functioning, propane-powered home.

Although you may be an expert at changing a light bulb or adjusting the temperature on your water heater, it’s important to leave more complicated and risky tasks to the pros. Once a technician arrives, you can quickly have your new appliance installed and even take all of the credit when you show it off to your family members (it’ll be our little secret).

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