The answer is simple, it’s because you want excellence for your home and family. As a Ductless Pro, we have been carefully selected for our commitment to achieving the highest level of certification, training, and hands-on expertise. Mitsubishi Electric has chosen only the best and most knowledgeable HVAC contractors in the industry to offer you unparalleled sales, installation, and service support.

Paraco HVAC employees have developed their skills through approved training centers located throughout the United States, provided by American Standard/Mitsubishi Electric. Only approved contractors who have demonstrated advanced product knowledge are awarded the prestigious status of Ductless Pro. This status is evaluated annually, and Ductless Pro Contractors must continuously demonstrate their commitment to customer service to maintain their status. We are proud to maintain our status.

American Standard/Mitsubishi Electric offers an industry-leading 12-year factory warranty to support their superior performance and product quality. The only way to receive a full 12-year warranty is to purchase and install your American Standard/Mitsubishi Electric product from an authorized Ductless Pro.

Here are the top ten reasons to purchase from an authorized American Standard/Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Pro:

  1. Highly trained and skilled in ductless sales, installation, and service
  2. HVAC specialists with extensive experience in the industry
  3. Experts at recommending the best system to maximize energy efficiency for your home
  4. Only Ductless Pro Contractors can provide a 12-year factory warranty
  5. Ductless Pros receive ongoing product, maintenance, and installation training directly from American Standard/Mitsubishi
  6. Ductless Pros service all American Standard/Mitsubishi Electric products they sell and receive support from the factory
  7. Purchasing from a Ductless Pro guarantees the use of genuine parts when repairing or replacing components
  8. American Standard/Mitsubishi has skilled sales, service, and technical personnel in each region to quickly resolve issues on a local level for Ductless Pros
  9. Ductless Pros must be licensed, bonded, and insured to provide added peace of mind
  10. Ductless Pros sign a Code of Conduct agreement that emphasizes superior customer service and support, both before and after your equipment purchase.

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